Police Detective Benoit Michaud investigates a series of ritual occult murders and what appears to be a serial killer in turn stalking the members of the cult. What at first appears to be simple murders by the cult and its lone stalker turn out to in fact be a global conflict between an underground group bent on mutating human life through the use of collectively intelligent colony organisms, and an even more powerful cabal of government and business figures attempting to stop them by unleashing a nano-weapon capable of decimating the human population.




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Rachel lunged out and into the light. “I need water!”

Michaud was shocked back a step at what he saw. Her skin was falling away, molting like a snake’s, revealing another layer underneath that appeared a sickly, mottled grey. Her hair had fallen out in clumps, leaving only a few stray strands hanging from her head. Her nose and ears had flattened into tiny holes, and her mouth was wide, with small pointed protuberances around it, giving her the appearance of a catfish. Her eyes were completely black, with no visible irises or pupils. Rachel stepped quickly to the bars and reached for the water bottle in Michaud’s hand, but he stepped back, keeping it away from her. He stared in horror, unable to guess at what had happened to her. “I’m...I’m calling a doctor,” he stuttered, jaw agape, as he reached for the cellphone in his pocket.

Rachel yelled now, her voice becoming guttural with the sound of the gurgling in her throat. “Give me the water!”

Michaud swallowed nervously. He realized he had completely forgotten the recorder in his hand, stunned as he was by Rachel’s appearance. “I’ll give you this if you tell me what you were doing last night.” Rachel reached pitifully through the bars toward the water bottle, revealing webbing between her fingers as her hand stretched out. Michaud grew uncomfortable, hoping she would answer. He looked back toward the entrance door and the guard station, then back to Rachel. “What were you doing last night?”

Rachel’s phlegmy breathing slowed, and she looked up, finally making eye contact with Michaud. “The Ninth Darkness...we invoked the Ninth Darkness.”

“Who killed everyone? Was it you? Why were they burned?”

“The man...the man with the hat, and the bag, and the mask...he’ll come for me.”

Copyright 2013 Brian Clement.






Copyright 2013 Brian Clement



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