The Dead Inside directed by Brian Clement

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"a wonder to behold...The Dead Inside is honestly, genuinely scary" -

The Dead Inside premiere The Dead Inside premiere




The Dead Inside follows paranormal detectives John Katzen (Chuck Depape) and Lola Morgandy (Bronwyn Lee) in 1940's Victoria, Canada as they are hired to investigate disappearances in a 19th century estate. After experiencing strange hallucinations that closely resemble their real memories from the Second World War, they assemble a team of experts including Professor Fallstead (Theodore Trout) and Dr. Koeppler (Chris Tihor) to unravel the secret behind the phenomena. As the house slowly exerts its influence over the team they realize that the malevolent force is attempting to destroy them one by one, besieging the researchers with doppelgangers of past occupants and others the house has consumed. Desperately attempting to find a way to defeat the parasitic entities within the house, they uncover a mystery involving the interdimensional experiments of a former tenant, and that within the dwelling the line between the dream world and the real world has vanished...


Starring: Chuck Depape, Bronwyn Lee, Theodore Trout, Chris Tihor, Claire Westby, Ira Hunter, Andrea Hume, Michael Farrell, Debra Easton

Music Score Composed & Performed by Justin Hagberg and Tim Hagberg

Special Makeup Effects by Jason Ward

Written, Directed, Produced, and Edited by Brian Clement



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Past screenings

October 8 & 9 2005 @ The Hollywood Theatre, Portland OR, HP Lovecraft Film Festival (World Premiere)

October 21, 2005@ The Roxy Theatre, Victoria BC (Victoria premiere)

Nov.2, 2005@ Festival Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre, Buenos Aires, Argentina (South America premiere)

Nov.27, 2005@ The Roxy Theatre, Victoria BC. Encore Victoria Screening

December 4,2005 @ Video In Studios, Vancouver BC

May 5, 2006 @ Cine Pobre, La Paz, Mexico



Scheduled screenings

There are currently no screenings scheduled.





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The Dead Inside's family of ghostly circus performers



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