WINNER - Monday Magazine 2003 M-Award for Most Outstanding Local Video Production!

WINNER - Independent Horror Search Award for Best Feature at the Los Angeles Days of Darkness convention!

Official selection at Microcinemafest 2004!

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Shi No Mori (The Forest of Death) - In feudal Japan, a samurai warrior is sent to find a mysterious artifact that has the power to raise the dead. On his way he encounters a monk with ideas of his own, and the two of them must fend off the encroaching forces of the netherworld. (Japanese with English subtitles)
Shadow of Tomorrow - A young detective woman in 1948 is hired to track down the wayward ex-wife of a sheepish stuntman, leading her to a back-alley burlesque club. She finds herself drawn into a bizarre conspiracy involving a mad grave-robbing doctor, an eccentric millionairess, a cackling corrupt cop psychopath, and an otherworldly object used to experiment on the recently deceased…
Last Rumble - In the post-apocalyptic future, the Werewolf Rockers and Vampire Mods continue their feud without heed to the world at war. But when one of each gang is captured by the ruling regime and forced to compete in pit-fighting matches against reanimated corpses, the two prisoners are forced to work together to escape and destroy their captors.



Starring: Masahiro Oyake, Hiroaki Itaya, Claire Westby, Moira Thomas, Chelsey "Inika" Arentsen, Chantelle Adamache, Chuck DePape, Denys Melanson, Rob Nesbitt, Scott Bisgrove, plus special appearance by Kitten Coquette

Special Makeup Effects: Jason Ward

Music Score Composed & Performed by Justin Hagberg and Tim Hagberg

Featuring Music by The Spectres

Executive Producers: Claire Westby and Stephen R. Hicks

Written, Directed, Produced, and Edited by Brian Clement

For full cast & crew info, go here


Please note that versions for sale on amazon are the versions prepared by the distributor and have different menu designs and chapter stops than the original. Movie content is the same.    


Movie runtime: 87 minutes

Special Features: "A Brief Guide to Micro-Budget Horror Filmmaking" (behind-the-scenes), photo gallery, 1940's-style cheesecake pinup gallery, outtakes, teaser trailer and full trailer

 Exhumed features brief nudity, mildly sexually suggestive scenes, graphic violence, and should not be purchased by anyone under the age of 17.
Disclaimer! Please note before you watch, that there is no cannibalism in Exhumed! These zombies are the traditional "obedient army of decomposing killing machines" that do not eat people, they just kill them. If you are looking for gut-munching check out Meat Market, Meat Market 2, Binge & Purge, or a host of other low-budget pictures. Also note that this is a HORROR movie first, and not just a simple "zombie movie" or "gore movie". The focus this time is story, not just blood and shambling zombies. Which there are still plenty of, just don't expect much blood during the film noir segment.

DVD authoring was done by Ed Brisson at Fizz Films. Duplication was done at Duplium corporation. Please take a look at the trailers and still shots for a better idea of picture and image quality.

Please also note these discs were made before 16:9 televisions and computer monitors were commonplace. It is formatted at 4:3 TV square aspect ratio with two letterboxed segments and one "full screen" segment. This is the way the movie is meant to be watched. The widescreen bars are part of the movie's story.


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