The Whimsical Notions of a Strange Deer Girl starring Hank Pine and Lily Fawn
Hank & Lily in The Whimsical Notions Of A Strange Deer Girl



The Whimsical Notions of A Strange Deer Girl is a short musical film starring the duo Hank & Lily. In the first segment, the strange deer girl Lily Fawn is captured by the evil Cecil Weasel and forced to perform for his army of circus fiends, until she is rescued by Hank Pine, set to the song 'Don't Be Afraid'. In the second segment, primarily consisting of paper cutout animation, Lily steals babies from parents who turn out to be evil aliens, set to the song 'Into The Holes'.

Cast: Hank Pine, Lily Fawn, Cecil Weasel, Andrea Brown, Allan Turner

Written & Directed by Brian Clement
Cinematography by Nadeem Soumah
Special Makeup Effects by Dru Reed & Andrea Brown
Music by Hank & Lily

poster design by Caitlin McDonagh

Runtime: 9 min.

Upcoming Screenings

None currently scheduled. Keep checking back for updates!

the strange Deer Girl of the forest Hank Pine fighting Cecil Weasel

Teaser now up on youtube, vimeo and facebook!

Check out the full short here!

The Whimsical Notions Of A Strange Deer Girl from Frontline Films on Vimeo.



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