Links to Friends of Frontline Films

New undertaking IMPROBABILIA via Handsome Robot Pictures.

Brian Clement's author site


   SRSlogo99.jpg (9716 bytes) SRS Cinema. Distributor of Meat Market, Meat Market 2 and Binge & Purge on VHS and DVD.

_Cryptkeeper Films. Executive producers and distributors of Meat Market 3 and Dark Paradox.

 logo.gif (2907 bytes) Great resource for indie filmmakers, great reviews and informative message boards!

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   Phasefire Films, best pal Rob Hunt and his web series Standard Action!

   Independent Flicks reviews of films dedicated to all things Lovecraftian on film!

   Greasetrap the hilarious audiobook narrated and written by Nick Sheehan (who did makeup for Meat Market many years ago!)

   Caitlin McDonagh's amazing artwork

   Friskey Brown makeup - she worked on Meat Market 3, Dark Paradox, Hard Time, among others!

   Hank & Lily, the crazy musical duo, featured in The Whimsical Notions of a Strange Deer Girl

    Champions of Hell - Ira Hunter and Robin Thompson's long-running apocalyptic independent comic series

    3 Inches of Blood   band of Cam Pipes, longtime Frontline Films stalwart!

    Frontline Films on youtube

    Frontline Films on twitter


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