Meat Market 3 directed by Brian Clement
Meat Market 3 poster, directed by Brian Clement
Meat Market 3 zombies
Meat Market 3 suicide note gory zombie    



International buyers please order directly from Cryptkeeper Films of the UK. US buyers can purchase from Cryptkeeper US, as well as many online retailers, or order directly from this site.

$12 USD! (plus shipping). DVD features 80 minute film, behind-the-scenes featurette, outtakes, trailers, photo galleries, and commentary! The DVD is a region-free NTSC disc. Features gore, brief nudity and intense horror violence. This title is unrated and you must be over 18 to purchase.

DISCLAIMER: Meat Market 3 is NOT a comedic, goofy production in the style of the original two Meat Markets. There are no lesbian vampires and only minor cameos by other characters. MM3 is more of a psychological thriller with a bizarre, hallucinatory story and hundreds of zombies. There is the expected gore and rotting corpses, but this is very different than the previous Meat Markets, and not just in the area of greater technical polish.



Meat Market 3 DVD, directed by Brian Clement



MM3 shadowy zombie

Meat Market 3 bloody zombies


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Friday October 20, 11:15 PM at the Roxy Theatre on Quadra st., Victoria BC Canada. Admission $7

Saturday October 21, 11:15PM at the Roxy Theatre on Quadra., Victoria BC Canada. Admission $7

Friday October 27, 8:05PM at the Camosun College Lansdowne Campus Fisher 100 Auditorium, Victoria BC Canada. Admission $6

No upcoming screenings currently scheduled



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