MK Ultra, short sci-fi action film directed by Brian Clement

MK Ultra poster, starring Mary Kate Haché

MK Ultra poster, directed by Brian Clement




She was created by a top-secret government mind-control program to be a perfect assassin. Now she's liberated by the power of rock n' roll...and she wants revenge!

MK Ultra stars musician Mary Kate Haché, formerly of Ottawa band Jacob Two-Two, with photography by The Sharpshooter.

Special effects makeup and hairstyling by Andrea Brown.

Music by The Brothers Hagberg.

Produced by Jeff McCormack, written and directed by Brian Clement.

Runtime: 2 min.

Upcoming Screenings

None currently scheduled.

Past Screenings

Friday, November 16, 2009 8PM @ SharpCuts Film Festival, Guelph ON

Saturday, May 16, 2009, 7PM @ The 3-Minute Film Festival, at The Lensic, 211 W. San Francisco St., Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Thursday, March 19, 2009, 7:30PM @ St. Ann's Academy Auditorium, Victoria BC

February 25 2009, 7PM, Piccadilly Cinema @ the Adelaide Film Fest, Fake Film Fest segment, Adelaide, Australia








On the left: Japanese poster variant.



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