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From Victoria filmmaker Brian Clement ("Exhumed", “The Dead Inside”, “Meat Market 3”) comes the story of a writer's unwitting discovery of the history and secret efforts of a cult in Victoria, Canada that has been engaged in a 60 year effort to open a portal between our world and another, in an attempt to let in a host of vicious interdimensional beings. Once the cult takes hold of the writer he is thrown into a web of horror in which the line between fantasy and reality blurs, the city is enveloped in chaos, and the fate of the world rests in his hands.

The city of Victoria was rumoured in the 1980's to be the second worldwide "capital of Satanism" after Geneva, Switzerland. “Dark Paradox” explores the idea that this myth was not only partially true, but also partially inaccurate in suggesting the cult activity was "Satanic" when in fact it was based on the worship of ancient extraterrestrial "elder gods" in the vein of HP Lovecraft's fiction.

Dark Paradox stars Chuck Depape, Bronwyn Lee, Michael Farrell, Robin Thompson, and features Brian Clement in an acting role. Also featured are several burlesque performers including Victoria's Bettina May and Ricky Hard, along with Seattle's Tana the Tattooed Lady and BC Suicidegirl Jorryn. The film blends elements of 80's sci-fi and fantasy with 40's noir and classic cosmic horror for a terrifying adventure.

Between beauty and horror...is the Dark Paradox.


"Clement has taken all the successful elements of what makes a horror film highly watchable and skilfully integrated his own original script, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, blended in some Lucio Fulci and unleashed upon his audience some great imagery, along with several moments of sheer quality...low budget film making at its finest." - cinema-nocturna.com

"Clement is able to ratchet up the tension and make the most out of some fine gore and several cool Lovecraftian monsters...a true testament of his love for independent filmmaking. Recommended." - canuxploitation.com



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Victoria BC theatrical premiere, Roxy Theatre, October, 2007

Rio de Janeiro International Fantastic Film Festival, Brazil - May 5, 2008

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival - screening at the Hollywood Theatre, 4122 N.E. Sandy Blvd, Portland OR - Oct.3-5, 2008

SharpCuts Film Festival - Guelph, Ontario - October 17, 2008

Zombiefeast film fest - Victoria, BC - November 1, 2009


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DARK PARADOX *NEW* DVD teaser (August '08)

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Dark Paradox DVD Currently SOLD OUT

$12 USD (not including shipping). DVD features 89 minute film, behind-the-scenes footage, feature-length commentary audio track, outtakes, trailers, and photo gallery. The DVD is a region-free NTSC disc.

Features gore, brief nudity and some war and horror/science-fiction violence as well as portrayals of the occult. This title is unrated and you must be over 18 to purchase.

Choose from one of three different DVD cover designs, inspired by different eras of moviemaking that influenced Dark Paradox..."Classic", "Grindhouse" and "Retro" styles available, with correspondingly styled descriptions on the back. OR buy just one DVD and get one or both of the other covers for only a few dollars more.

When ordering YOU MUST SPECIFY WHICH COVER VERSION YOU WOULD LIKE. If you do not specify when sending paypal payment you will receive the default version of whatever the paypal button picks. The DVD disc content is identical. The covers are the only difference. You must also specify which EXTRA COVERS you would like if ordering more than one.



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